Early Armstrong County Room


The Early Armstrong County exhibit focuses on the early history of the county.

The exhibit highlights the most famous historical event that happened within the county’s boundaries.  The story of the attack on Kittanning is retold – the September 8, 1756 destruction of the Delaware Indian village at Kittanning by Colonel John Armstrong and his militiamen from Cumberland County.

Biographical information on Colonel Armstrong and a written description and survey plan of his “Victory” lands that he was able to secure in the latter half of the 18th century hang on the walls.

The room’s built-in display case contains an original 1803 Plan of Lots of the Town of Kittanning and the rare September 20, 1810 edition of the Western Eagle, which was the first newspaper published in Kittanning, which both were printed by James Alexander.

Also on display are historical facts on the birth of the county, important historical dates and facts, and maps of the county showing how the townships reorganized through the 19th century.

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