Civil War Exhibit Room


The “Armstrong County in the Civil War” exhibit focuses on the County’s involvement in the Civil War.  An estimated 3,652 men from the County served in the war to preserve the Union, preserve states’ rights, and abolish slavery.

The exhibit endeavors to honor the long-ago soldiers who were the ancestors of many of today’s Armstrong County residents.  Visitors can travel back in time to see Civil War artifacts such as antique battlefield maps; first edition regimental history books; muster rolls from several regiments; and documents, diaries, letters, muskets, and personal items from numerous soldiers who served in the various infantry, cavalry, and artillery units that fought in the war’s major battles.

The exhibit is the home of the original painting “The Wheatfield – Whirlpool of Death” done by a local artist.  The artist captures on canvas the heroic actions of the 62nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment against the Confederates on July 2, 1863.

Included in the exhibit are items once owned by Colonel William G. Sirwell, commander of the 78th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment.  The highlight of these items are two presentation swords that were given to the Colonel by the soldiers of the regiment.

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