The kitchen is furnished with appliances and other domestic tools typical to the period.

Large blocks of ice, placed in the top compartment of the two-door icebox, kept the food in the bottom compartment chilled.  The cookstove was made by Wincroft Stove Works of Middletown, Pennsylvania.  Several “sad irons” are placed on top of the warming ovens.  A toaster, waffle iron, and water kettle are displayed on the cooking surface.

The baker’s cabinet features a work surface to roll out and knead dough, a few cabinets above, and “possum belly” drawers below to hold flour and/or meal.

An apple butter kettle stands in the corner, and various pottery is displayed on the corner shelves on either side of the window.  A kraut cutter hangs on the wall on the right of the stove, and a coal scuttle, clothes agitator, and clothes dryer are to the left.

In one corner stand several wooden drying racks.

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